Residential workshop on movement, language and landscape.

Nuova Atlantide is an experiment in rethinking collective identity through process-oriented workshops.

Nuova Atlantide is conceived as a group venture blurring the boundaries between fantasy and research. The program revolves around a continuous experimentation through workshops, lectures, screenings, collective performances, debates and mysteries of Atlantis. Each edition explores an archeological enigma and its embodiments in present times.

Nuova Atlantide takes place in the mythical region of Etruscans, Tuscia. The raw and natural environment exudes a semi-fantastic aura, fostering physical-emotional spontaneity and collective creativity. The residential workshop is a reflection on the territory, a narrative exercise aiming to follow up centuries-long oral traditions.

The second edition deploys in Bomarzo, core of the largest archeological park of Europe and known for one of the most mythical examples of Renaissance Hermeticism: the Sacro Bosco constructed by Vicino Orsini. The residency is located in a historical villa, formerly part of Palazzo Orsini, and its prosperous garden.

Nuova Atlantide 2021 has as its starting point an Obelisk of the sixteenth century found in the garden hosting the residency. The Obelisk is a runaway to imagination, a time machine, an architectural element to be travelled, a movement in stone, an component of a wider system of symbols part of the Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo.

Nuova Atlantide 2020