Archaeo Choreology is happy to invite you to CORPOREAL TIDES, an intensive somatic workshop, in which you are invited to drop into the body for a day of replenishment and care through somatic dance practices.

An amniotic environment to investigate perception and presence individually and collectively.

Previous dance experience is not required.

Employing movement, writing, and drawing as primary research tools, we will create ground to synesthetically bridge anatomy, emotion and imagination in order to build ephemeral architectures that reflect on our personal and collective myths.

The workshop is taking place as part of our two-weeks residency at CERTO! (Certosa District). During the residency, Archaeo Choreology builds an environment for dance, sound, and performance experimentation, with a focus on communal practices of somatic inquiry, knowledge circulation, and open rehearsals for the artists and people involved in our vibrant, diverse community.

When & Where
SUNDAY JUNE 12th10 am - 6 pm
CERTO! Via Brunetti 2/4 Milano
Text  +3924941191 if you can't find us!

55 euros

Write to
to reserve your spotand specify preferred payment option (paypal, IBAN, cash)

NB: cancellations within 3 days before the workshop are non-refundable