4 February - Artetetra with Francesca Heart - Kiosk (Bruxelles, BE)

27 February - Live from Home - COMBO 

27 March - Francesca Heart live on Luminous Trails - East Contemporary (Milan, IT)

30 July - Water Info Transmission - Nextones (Oira, IT)

1 August - Live performance - Le Sabbat Trascendanza Festival (Perugia, IT)

20 August - Solo Live performance - Troglobatem Festival (Stuttgart, GE)

22 August - Rorschac Live Performance with Seif Gaber, Siet Raeymakers & Rev. 23 - Troglobatem Festival (Stuttgart, GE)

3 September - Intuitive Gestures live performance with Seif Gaber - SAGOME @ Iklectik (London, UK)

4 September - Water Info Transmission - Waterloo Creative Studio (London, UK)

7 September - Dance workshop - MOSSA - Imbarchino del Valentino (Torino, IT)

11 September - Mysteries of Atlantis, live performance with Vittoria de Franchis - Feste Preziose (secret location, IT)

25 September - LIVE performance - MAGMA per San Michele 2021 - (Bagnacavallo, IT)



SACRED GYMNASTICS™ : harmonious and repetitive movements executed for the embodied transmission of spiritual teachings.

EMBODIMENT: Challenging Cartesian dualism by bridging anatomy, emotion, imagination and dance, fostering healing & breaking the chains of internalized inadequacy.

MUSCLE OF THE SOUL: Poetic definition of the PSOAS, the deepest muscle of the human body. Spanning laterally from the 12th thoracic vertebrae (T12) it connects to the lumbar vertebrae. From there it flows down through the abdominal core, the pelvis, and attaches to the top of the femur (thigh) bone. It affects our structural balance, muscular integrity, flexibility, strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and organ functioning. A relaxed psoas is the mark of play and creative expression.

ACQUATIC ORIGINS (WATER INFO TRANSMISSION) : speculative practice to remember our embryonioc origins and regenerate, replenish, renewal our existence collectively.